About us
The English and Foreign Languages University has a long and proud history of preparing students, research scholars and teachers for higher studies in both English and Foreign languages. Along with English, the University is currently conducting courses from the Undergraduate to Ph.D in thirteen foreign languages. Understanding the need of the professionals or those desirous of studying foreign languages who may be restricted from full-time language studies, the University has also offered part- time courses in foreign languages, from the proficiency level up to the advance diploma. Our Honourable Vice Chancellor has always applauded the academic work being carried out at the University. However, he observed that the part-time foreign language teaching, was getting limited to the face to face mode of teaching, and there was a significant scope for extending the reach of foreign languages among wider audiences. Given the unique nature of the University, being the only one of its kind dedicated purely to languages, he had the vision that the University was ideally placed to fulfil its social outreach responsibility. He therefore, proposed that language learning courses could be offered as Online resources, which will be available free of charge. This would provide finger-tip access to the remotest student or person, who had not been able to get access to learning a foreign language due to location, monetary and time limitations. We are honoured to be called upon to fulfil this responsibility, and humbly place the open-ended language learning resources in the service of the nation. There are currently Basic Communicative courses in five foreign languages being offered Online, and the others will be launched soon. These courses have been carefully prepared keeping in mind that the learner, who will be typically alone, will be able to learn the language on her own. Over the course of a determined set of modules, the learner will be able to acquire a working knowledge of the language he/she has chosen. The vast experience of the highly-trained teachers at the University has ensured that learning a foreign language can be an engaging activity with the potential to enhance professional qualifications. We hope the courses are utilized by learners to the maximum.