University Social Responsibility (USR)
Universities, like all other higher education institutions, have a social responsibility; we are socially accountable to our students, their parents/ carers, employers, government, and all other stakeholders, as well as to the general public. University Social Responsibility, an innovative concept conceived by the Vice Chancellor of the EFL University in 2017, is an initiative that helps universities bring to fruition their responsibility towards society, and enliven engagement with the community.
University social responsibility (USR) is aimed at creating socially responsible students who are aware of their responsibilities beyond the university campus. USR is also meant for teachers and all stakeholders involved in the higher education transaction process. USR hopes to raise awareness in the university campus community about the roles they play in building a balanced and sustainable society.
Activities undertaken under USR go beyond mere awareness raising; they help us contribute to, and effect positive changes on the social, economic and environmental aspects of community growth.
To increase public engagement with the University’s resources and to build a better university-society interface, currently EFL University offers two digital resources as part of its USR activities: EnglishPro , a Mobile App, and Open Educational Resources.
These free and open educational resources are meant not only for teachers and students, but also for the general public. Through these, we hope to make education accessible to more people; we hope to pioneer lifelong and sustainable learning practices; and, we hope to build stronger university-society links.
Prof. Anand Mahanand
Dr. K. Venu Madhavi
Joint Director