About Open Language Learning Resources (OLLRs)
The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, a leading central university of eminence, has been on the pursuit of offering knowledge and skills in the specialized study of languages, literatures and humanitiesto the students and professionals to tide above the challenges of the new century. Inspired by the National Education Policy -2020, envisaged by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, the University, in its dynamic role, has been the frontrunner in implementing the new measures in the Policy to make academics meet the social needs to bring about a perceptible change.
Under the prominent initiative of the "University Social Responsibility (USR)," the University has drawn a road map for itself to make relevant social contributions for skill development and knowledge dissemination. One among them is developing free-to-use open resource applications, much in view of the levels of learners and their needs.
The Open Language Learning Resources (OLLRs), offered free-of cost, are one among the items of prominence in the University's manifest to cater to the social needs under USR. Initially, the Open Language Learning Resources (OLLRs) are produced in five foreign Languages, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The University has also charted its course to develop these resources in 11 foreign languages. The OLLRs are aimed at imparting foreign language skills free-of-cost even to those who have not enrolled themselves for a course at the University. The OLLRs have been developed by the in-house experts to be offered free to the enthusiastic learners of foreign languages to shape their language abilities for employability in the globalized world.
The Open Online Learning Resources, launched to by the Hon'ble Union Minister, Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, is yet another milestone in the University’s journey towards becoming an institution whose name is synonymous with social responsibility. The Open Online Learning Resources are interactive online courses designed for learners with zero-knowledge of the target language. The learning modules contain carefully selected, graded, and interestingly presented language inputs by experienced faculty to ensure maximum learning with optimum effort. The modules will help learners use the target language fluently and accurately for effective communication in a few, everyday situations. The variety of interactive exercises that follow the presentation will ensure high retention of the language skills, rules, and conventions introduced in the module.
I am confident that a large number of students and learners will make use of this opportunity to learn a new language at their own pace, totally free of cost, and improve their career prospects, and evolve as global citizens with native roots.